Do you want to be totally prepared for high-stakes presentations in record time?

There are many different kinds of executive coaching. I focus on helping you communicate your message with confidence and clarity — to the executive suite, your colleagues, your direct reports, the media and the public. You’ll be amazed at how quickly I can help you craft a compelling presentation and how you’ll be able to apply these strategies to all your presentations.  Clients appreciate the speed with which I grasp technical topics and the warm, straightforward way I deliver feedback. You’ll walk into the most high-stakes presentations of your career feeling totally prepared.

I can work with you on:

  • A one-time, high-stakes presentation such as an all-hands meeting, a VC pitch, an investor meeting or a conference,
  • An ongoing basis, identifying your communication challenges and giving you practical strategies for overcoming them

I’ve done this for:

  • The head of finance for a multimillion dollar pharmaceutical drug pipeline,
  • The executive director of a national educational reform movement
  • The president of a major social media company
  • Vice presidents and directors throughout the United States, Europe and Asia


We’ll have two sessions.

In the first of these sessions we’ll hammer out your content and slide deck. We’ll make sure your opening is compelling, your agenda logical and your key points persuasive. This session can be virtual or in-person.

For our second session, we’ll meet in person and focus on delivery style.  In the process of coaching thousands of people at corporations like Adobe, Apple, Genentech and Cisco, I’ve discovered there’s always one element of style that completely transforms a person’s effectiveness in a presentation. It’s different for everyone. It could be eye interaction, gestures, stance, voice or something else. We’ll pinpoint the one element that transforms your delivery style so you show up as the best version of yourself whenever you make a presentation.